How to Answer Why Do You Want to Change Your Job, or How to Explain Your Reasons

An HR specialist asks this interview question to candidates who are currently continuing to work. Most often, candidates answer: “I am looking for the best opportunities for developing my career.” But this answer may not be suitable for all candidates.

For employees who have worked in the company for a long time and have not received a promotion, I do not recommend positioning their past place of work as a lack of career opportunities. It will be difficult enough to explain why you stayed at this job for so long if you did not see for yourself chances for developing your career. Therefore, you should avoid mentioning negative reasons for leaving the company.

How to answer the question: Why Do You Want to Change Your Job?

  1. Say that you are not in an active job search. For example, “I’m just thinking about leaving the company” or “I like my work in the company, but ...”.
  2. Indicate the reason that prompted you to start looking for a new job.
  3. Tell us about your career plan.
  4. Next, explain why you were attracted to work in their company.
  5. Also, complement your answer with the story of why you are interested in a vacancy, emphasize your strengths that are suitable for completing tasks at a new job.

Examples of answers to the question: Why do you Want to Change Your Job?

Reason 1: Reduction/Bankruptcy

Reason 2: Location/Relocation

Reason 3: Change of Direction

Reason 4: Company Changed the Development Strategy

Reason 5: Transition from a Startup / Small Company to a Large Company


We collected for you some of the common reasons with answers to one of the most common interview questions why do you want to change your job? We hope they will help you to answer this question with great confidence and get the job!